Wednesday, November 18, 2009


JayG was reviewing full size .45s, comparing the smallish Glock and a Scandium 1911. He mentioned the single stack Glock in passing, the G36.

I knew OF the G36 but hadn’t applied the head juice to it that I did after reading Jay’s post.

Glocks are notorious to being bricks in the hand, necessitated by the double stack magazine. They, and SIGs (the two double-stack varieties I have the most experience shooting), ARE fat in the grips. Almost too fat. Fatter than a baseball bat. Jeff Cooper lamented this, and it was one of his beefs with the 2 non-1911 varieties (the other was the trigger types being inadequate to his needs and his doctrine… but that’s another story.) A fat grip is hard to get your hand around to fire it to best effect. Especially if you have smallish hands. And Cooper, would argue, why do you need all those bullets if you can hit your target?

Anyway… the other problem with fat grips is the difficulty to conceal the bulk and carry the extra weight on your belt.

The G36 goes a way toward this by providing a compact single stack Glock for your carrying needs. It sports 6 rounds of .45 ACP goodness in the arguably more reliable and definitely slimmer single stack magazine.

I’m not a Glock person, but Glocks are CERTAINLY an adequate shooting platform, to say the least, if they are for you.

My Buddy the Gun Enthusiast is a mixed architecture sort of shooter. He loves Glocks, but lately he has been liking 1911s too. His full size Glock is carried in a Man-Purse or Turse or fanny-pack type arrangement. But he also likes the Commander size 1911 in an IWB holster at 2 o’clock. I wonder if he has considered the G36?

The scuttlebutt I have heard and read about double stack magazines is occasional feed reliability problems. That’s old scuttlebutt though. Has the double stack magazine of today addressed the problems of yesteryear and that’s why you don’t hear FTF (failure to feed) stories anymore? If so, that is a good development. This scuttlebutt, incidentally, is why I avoid cheaper magazines and whenever possible stick to more expensice factory or premium mags.


The OTHER G36 is a way cool gun to have when playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. It totally pwns the n00bs.


YBtGE said...

I want that!

Mad Saint Jack said...

I think Glocks are a very good high capacity gun. that is why I have a 17L a 26, and a pile of 33 round mags. (edit: and a Kel Tec Sub 2000.)

A low capacity Glock like the 36 seems to defeat the purpose of having a Glock in the first place.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Maybe you want the extra capacity when you can conceal that, and LOVE the trigger on a Glock, but need something a bit slimmer for summer CCW, MSJ.