Friday, November 6, 2009

Too Small

Thinking on Caleb's mugging incident and the handiness of really small CCW guns.

There is such a thing as TOO small. The grip on a Kel Tec isn't just short, it's THIN. Which is great for concealment, not so great for shooting well.

Look at old snubbie grips vs new.

Old (top) is teenier. New addresses the teeniness. Even those old style grips had little after market add-ons to make it bigger in the hand.

Look at 1903 grips. They seem to bulge a bit, those rubber panels. More than they'd have to. Maybe that was intentional. Thank you JMB pbuh

I'm not a fan of double stack, but I do have that one. The biggest peeve of mine is the fat grip. If given a choice I'd choose a slimmer version of the 229 in single stack if the option had been there... like the P239, but not. (SIG making a narrow grip? HA! Like that would happen.)

The more guns I try the more I like the grip size of 1911s. I even read spots where Cooper thought the 1911 grips TOO big for some hands. It's one of the easiest grips out there. I need to find someone with tiny hands and lots of variety in shooting experience to see if they feel like Cooper did wrt 1911s.

(I'll probably rail about fat grips again...)


Bob S. said...


I have large hands so I rail against most grips.

Even the double stack thickness of my Millennium Pr0 give me problems.

Of course, anything thicker and it would be too noticeable to carry.

Some days, most days we just can't win.

Anonymous said...

You seriously need to check out a Sig 225. It is an earlier, single stack version of the 228/229. Used, German Police surplus P6 can be found for a song (check JG Firearms), although they might need some tuning to run with a JHP.

I have a Sig P228 for a number of years as my primary carry piece which I never actually carried too often. The double-stack is just a little too thick in my hands, and I have long fingers. But, my P6s just feel right. Technically, they really aren't that much thinner, but they feel just about perfect in my hand. Oddly enough, because it feels better in the hand, I'm less conscious of how large it is when I'm carrying. Definitely find one if you can.