Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mag Cleaning

So, I admit, I have never cleaned a magazine.

I check for bends at the feed lip, but I don't even wipe off carbon that dusts the follower a little bit.

How often SHOULD I clean and how? Magazines are 'disposable,' should I even monkey around with trying to take off the baseplate? I'd think I'd have a better chance to mung it up rendering the mag LESS reliable.


Top of the Chain said...

I can speak to the mags for my CZ P-07 and they are extremely easy to take apart. It probably varies a bit. I then take a rage sprayed down with some cleaner and run it through the inside of the magazine. I re-oil the spring with Remington oil and reassemble the magazine.

Jonathan said...

I clean them about every 200 rounds or so. But this could called excessive. Mags should be cleaned when they need it. I wipe them clean and make sure they are DRY.

Most mags are easy to take apart. Glock mags are a bit of pain.

Magazines are disposable? I don't see it that way. I have spare springs for my magazines and I intend for them to last a long time. I remember the 1994 ban all too well.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yup, disposable. Eventually the feed lips will go and then there is nothing you can do. Plus normal casualties on this, the weakest link in firearm function. In remembrance of the ban, buy LOTS of mags.

But no, don't throw them away at the end of each range session.