Friday, November 6, 2009

State omission

In my ranking of the States, I forgot to include Delaware. I heard they are pretty bad, too.

Oh, an I'd rank them:

New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island

All have a good point or two, somewhere. If you look. Well, maybe not the first 2. But Illinois? Good hunting culture in the south, I'm told. Yeah.


BigGriz said...

As a resident of deep southern Illinois, I can say, Illinois is VERY BAD. That being said, most of the counties in southern Illinois have county boards that have publicly voted for RKBA and a concealed carry law. Most of the county sheriffs also publicly state their affirmation of RKBA and for carry rights.

Chas said...

And the best 10 are ?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

well Chas, Alaska and Vermont are up there, naturally.

Indiana is decent, yes. Virginia and Florida. Many southern states. Utah is good, and good to OTHER states' residedents. Montana is good.

I may have to think on a definitive list.

Bruce B. said...

There's a good hunting culture statewide in Illinois. There are even a significant number of hunters from the Chicago metro area. Not all of those hunters agree with us on CCW or those "evil black rifles" so there's more education that needs to be provided. (Cook County and Chicago declaring semi-auto shotguns as "assault weapons" is aiding in opening their eyes)

Firearms laws are indeed a mess but some of us are working on that. The 2nd Amendment resolution has been passed by most of the county boards and the Illinois Sheriffs Association has actually declared support for CCW. There is progress being made.

Borepatch said...

Massachusetts is a bit bi-polar. It's the town police chief who grants the license, so it completely depends on where you live.

Out west, there's tons of hunting, and it's essentially "shall issue". In the Boston suburbs it's a real crap shoot. Some towns are effective "no issue".

In general, western Massachusetts is not much different than New Hampshire or Maine (other than the idiotic AWB). Eastern Massachusetts is a lot like, well, what you think. :-p

Mike W. said...

We're the 1st state, how dare you forget about us!

We're not nearly as bad as the other states listed