Friday, November 20, 2009

Registration leads to Confiscation

So, no. No one will register their guns, even if AG Holder gets some registration scheme through or around Congress.

I forsee Canada-like problems with a registry. With few honest people voluntarily complying. I forsee a lot of FFL dealers having fires in their offices destrying 4473 forms, and them getting out of the business thereafter. I forsee honest people going to illegal lengths on unregistered weapons, and THAT being the only illegal thing they do, ever. I forsee a lot of anger and confrontations.

And for that reason, I don't think Holder ideas will see the light of day. Ever. With this, and the transfer of KSM to civilian court, I'm beginning to think the current Attorney General is some kind of power-hungry nincompoop. The poor thing. Bless his heart.

If such a registration monstrosity were to come to pass, I don't know what I'd do. My heart if with the "not one step further down that road" and, of course, I push for roll backs of similar travesties in various localities (Maryland's registration stuff, for instance).

h/t Alphecca


Anonymous said...

If/when unregistered .22 bolt action rifles are illegal, how much more illegal will an unregistered garage-conversion full-auto AK-47 be?

Phil K said...

Sorry this comment is so late -- hope you check back -- I just spent several months in Toronto and arrived just after the Toronto police department had conducted a "safety check" on 418 registered firearms owners. (Please note that the safety regulations are not entirely clear and much is left to the discretion of the inspecting officer). Long story short, they confiscated a few more than 400 firearms after this inspection that they believed to be stored "unsafely."

Registration ALWAYS leads to confiscation.