Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Arming the Military

Military bases are gun-free zones. Very few people are authorized to carry a weapon with bullets on a military installation. That's why the Ft. Hood shooter had some time to do damage before law enforcement arrived.

The argument against letting qualified people carry a personal defense weapon on base is that a plethora of firearms means a plethora of firearm accidents.

Well, overseas, in Iraq and Afghanistan, EVERYONE carries a loaded weapon. The infantry soldiers, naturally. But also support folks, and even civilian contractors. Most everyone has a pistol and a bit of training in firing it before deployment. As areas get pacified the brass will tighten down restrictions. I know of contractors that won't sign up to deploy anymore because the area they are going to used to allow carry, and now does not. Generally speaking, if your installation is getting mortared with regularity, then you probably have at least an M9 on your hip. I knew people that didn't leave the Green Zone, totally surrounded by security, except to go to an from the airport on their first and last day that were holstered up 24/7. At least before 2007. Sometimes the rule was Condition 3 or 4, but the means was there.

I wonder what the firearm accident rate is over there in the combat zones with universal open carry? If it's zero or near zero can we maybe consider allowing CCW qualified individual to open or conceal carry on some federal installations?

Just asking.


Hunter said...

That is a good question. Now where to begin finding out if there are records of negligent discharges by deployed troops? It has to happen, there are just far, far too many places and times to unload, show clear, and then reload. Negligence happens.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Well if it's an epidemic of NDs, you'd think the news would report it. It's not like the news doesn't like to latch on to soldier's woes or perceived lapses in training lately. Then you'd have to figure the per capita numbers. 20 might seem like a lot, but it depends. A population of 1000? 100,000?

Ride Fast said...

I watched something on the military channel the other night about the taking of Iwo Jima away from the Japanese in War 2.

Once they thought they had secured the island, troops destined to disembark the next day were suppose to turn in all their ammo. Most did.

That night 250 Japanese soldiers that had been hiding out, snuck into the pilots and aircrew tent barracks and began slaughtering them with swords and and bayonets.

It was pretty bad. The few who had kept their ammo effectively fought back and the Japanese were eventually all killed.

The military has forgotten it's own history.