Sunday, May 6, 2012

10/22 Trigger

The stock trigger in my Ruger 10/22 is... not the best.  If I want to go to Appleseed, ever, it'd be nice if it was better.  I mean it feels like 10 pounds and I can hear it creak.  It's the worst trigger of any rifle I own, but I've been lucky with getting rifles that came with decent triggers.

I should also invest in better ammo, but that's another story.

Any recommendation for a drop in trigger that is better than stock and an adequate improvement for Appleseed?

You can spend more than I spent on the rifle.

Or there are cheaper models.  And other options.  I don't know what I'm looking for, really.



ZerCool said...

VQ hammer/bolt release kit and don't look back.

I dropped one in MrsZ's 10/22. To be fair, it's NOT the best trigger out there. In fact, the overtravel is mushy and mindblowingly long - but the trigger itself breaks well and is nice and light. Took me about half an hour to install and re-assemble with a couple pin punches and a smithing hammer.

But for $35 ... well. I can put up with a lot. ;-)

BGMiller said...

I been to a few 'seeds. Made Rifleman with a bone stock trigger.
Sometime after a thousand cycles it smoothed up a bit.

Go ahead and get either the Volquartsen or Power Custom parts kits. You'll be fine with either.

The auto bolt release especially is nice to have.

And if you have an older 10/22 with the flush mag release definitely replace that. I like the one's from Tactical Solutions that follow the curve of the trigger guard.

Bolt buffer is nice if only to reduce wear and tear.

And Tech Sights (or the similar ones from Nodak that I haven't tried) are an almost must have. Unless you're using a scope. :shrug:

But all of that is just making life easier.
Number one on the list is inch and a quarter sling swivels and a USGI web sling. You can run the weekend without a sling but you really won't get everything out of it.

Hope to see you at a 'seed.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Let me echo ZerCool. It's $36 at Midway USA. Everyone likes mine.

Old NFO said...

Day late and a dollar short as usual, but concur with the above recommendations...

Stretch said...

Always happy to help others spend their money.
Just go to this site and go crazy.

Anonymous said...

Let me through in another expensive one... The Kidd Trigger from

Mine is completely built with his parts and I could ask for better.