Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Do zombie hair and fingernails keep growing?  Not a very important detail, but still interesting.  Cuz I always heard that hair and fingernails grow after you die, so would they grow after you undie?

Well, according to Snopes, they don't grow on dead people.  But he doesn't address UNDEAD people so it could still be true for Zed.

Well they are walking dead people, them zombies are.  Some sort of metabolism is happening to get them ambulatory.  Maybe they do grow.  If you kept a zombie child for years, feeding it, heck, it might become a zombie adult.  Ick.


Bob said...

Growth would also indicate healing. No zombie movies/books has indicated that zombies heal in any fashion, i.e., scabbing, scarring, etc., so they can't grow either, since healing and growth are both functions of the cellular system.

breda said...

Zombies eat - do zombies poop?

Kristin said...

Hair and nails are the same type of cells as skin that have been slightly modified. So, since their skin doesn't heal their hair and nails would cease to grow as well. However, since they would lack the necessary hydration their skin would also retract from the nails and hair so it would look it was growing. I have always wondered why Zombies don't explode from their internal organs becoming so gaseous like those of the dead dead.