Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Remember when I flagged this great PMAG for M1A/M14 pattern rifle a few weeks back?

It now comes with a disclaimer

''20LR Pmag is not compatible with Armalite AR-10, RRA LAR-8, or M1a/M14 variant rifles."

Looks like some M14 types bought a mag or two and found they didn't fit.  So be careful out there.  These mags are for the SR25 type rifle.

They USED to say they were compatible.  I guess not.


JD Rush said...

Armalite came out with a new AR-10A that takes SR-25 pattern mags.

Boat Guy said...

Found that out the hard way myself. 'Least I was able to take the mag back.
D'ya think this might prompt PMAG to actually MAKE a mag that would work in AR-10's and M1A's? I'd sure be happy if they did...'specially since ArmaLite's own mags are crap, least they were the last time I bought any that weren't converted M14 mags - and at least THAT store took them back too...