Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Huff Po Begging...

... to control the polling narrative...

Are they disappointed they don't control ALL the narrative, everywhere?  Or that their control is slipping largely here and starting to slip in other areas?  Not enough fingers to stick into the leaky dike now that the media is becoming more democratize thanks to Al Gore and his internetz?

"Gun control" is overly broad. What do respondents think of when asked whether they support "gun control"? Are they thinking about a ban on all guns, including hunting rifles?

 It's not even about the hunting rifles.  There are too many controls now, even on hunting rifles.  But hunting is such a tertiary part of the Second Amendment.  This isn't 1978.  More men and women own self defense weapons than own .22-250 bolt action or .30-30 lever guns.  Folks have been voting with their wallets and snapping up ARs and S&W M&Ps lady, in case you haven't been watching the sales stats.

All outlets could use a gun question rewrite. Pew is not the only polling outlet using outdated language.

 Gun banners are using the outdated language (as demonstrated by the twice affirmed, so far, unconstitutional 'sporting pupose' ie. hunting rifle standard).  We, on our side, have compromised enough.  Time for YOU to compromise.  National CCW Reciprocity, removal of ALL vestiges on Duty to Retreat for self defense, loosening of the NFA to at least removed the restrictions on silencers (even out of touch Socialists in Europe are as backward on this as the US.)  Stop opposing these and we'll see where we are after.  Though there will still be a way to go on shoring up our basic Civil Rights.  Get your head out of the Jim Crow sand, people.

For some time, Americans have recognized private gun ownership as a right; the debate is now about how (or whether!) to keep guns out of dangerous hands.

That's good!  Glad you concede that.  Congratulations!  You are catching up with the constitution.  With that statement you are on board with the NRA, who are all for the regime in place since 1968 to keep guns out of dangerous hands.  I recommending going to a gun show and getting a price break on your lifetime NRA membership.  Normally it is $1000, but you can get it for a bit less than that at a show.  While you are there, pick up a .22 and some ammo.  No house should be without one.  .22s are like salt and pepper shakers. Then...

a gay marriage question is more straightforward. While there are, of course, nuances to the gay marriage debate (a civil union alternative, recognition by other states, etc.), we can be reasonably sure all participants are responding to roughly the same concept.

Once you have a gun in your home, it's like having a gay man or woman at home, or in the family, or as a good neighbor...  You get a bit protective of either. You might notice gun enthusiast on your side a bit.

polling outlets are actually influencing the debate by suggesting there is less support for stronger gun laws than actually exists.

You are going to be a bit disappointed when you find out that the only way you can get support for you gun ban schemes even when you go to all but the direst alarmist screeds in your polling.  Then you will have to fall back on your oldest argument:  "SHUT UP AND LET US CONFISCATE YOUR GUN YOU IGNERNT COUSIN HUMPERS, DAMMIT!"    (Must burn their cheeks that they don't control the agenda like they used to.  Don't us get cocky, tho.)

Happy May Day!  Or, as I like to call it: Happy 100 Million Dead by Democide to a Failed Statist Philosophy Day.  No more Great Leaps Forward and their accompanying megadeaths, please.

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And a "Happy Kill A Commie for Mommy Day" to you too!

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