Sunday, May 13, 2012

Obama's Gun Ban

For wider dissemination.

Obama isn't just banning guns, ACTUALLY banning guns, he is banning an important historical heritage.

M1 carbines re-importation ban because they have a magazine.  600,000 American made rifles, and a piece of our past in a durable good.  Don't forget.  When some hoplophobe says Obama didn't ban guns, laugh at them and call them an ignoramus.

M1 Carbines also make great zombie rifles.   Old timers will bemoan the increase in ammo prices for the caliber, but that doesn't mean the round can't be stocked.


Tim said...

The Regime has since reversed itself on this one.

Tam said...


The Garands are a different animal, as they do not have detachable magazines.

Obama is, as much as it's chewing on a cat turd for me to say this, catching the blame unfairly on this one. If you want to blame anybody, blame Bush. Senior. And Bill Bennett.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Because of that patrician impulse in the early 90s that seemed to make box magazines as bad as a gun itself? Yes, that was silliness.

A way out of that silliness? Stop banning M1 carbines we had left in Korea.