Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Budget M1A stock/rail accessories

Now that I have an EOTech on my rifle, The only big thing left to maybe do to it is swap out the walnut stock with an aftermarket replacement. 

Cheaper than dirt  has a pro mag archangel m1A stock.

Stocks are pricey, but this one is only around $250.  I think I saw this at last year's NRA convention.

I have several requirement for an aftermarket stock:

Most of them are heavy, and I don't want that.  This one weighs 4.2 pounds.  Goodish

All of them are pretty much impervious to moisture compared to wood, so check, there.

I want the stock to have better options for mounting something underneath.  A foregrip and light combo, or a grip-pod.  This comes with a rail underneath, and I have a rail already on top.  And I know I can ring a 9 inch gong from 250 yards out if I have a rest or 'bipod.'  So also good.

A better way to mount a sling other than WWI era standard swivels.  This has multiple swivel mount points.  That's fine.

Looks like I'll need to some fettling with it to mate it with the lock and barrel.  I can do that.

My only worries?  It is half the price of other stocks and I worry about quality that that might reflect.  Reviews of it usually reflect how hard it is to fit it, but that's it.

They even have a quasi tutorial on fitting.

Does anyone want to talk me down off this ledge and to hold out for something like a Sage?


Marty said...

I like it!

abnormalist said...


First and foremost I have no experience with this stock. I do have some experience with other things Pro-mag and I would say tread with caution.

Before buying it make sure you can return it if you're not satisfied, and keep looking for reviews that know what they are talking about.

not saying there aren't bargains to be had in this world, but I definitely do my homework on this one first.

For comparisons sake, I'd take something from Tapco before Pro-mag

Bubblehead Les. said...

Actually, I have a Grip Pod knock off for a Dead Project laying around that you can have cheap, so I can save you some Bucks there. You know how to get hold of me.

Boat Guy said...

I like my EOTech's very much on carbines and shotguns. I do NOT favor them for RIFLES which is what we're talking about here. Save the EOTech for a "Close Quarters Battle" weapon.
My M1A wears a Smith Enterprises tritium front sight, now if they'd just make a tritium rear all would be right with the world.
If you were talking about putting an ACOG on your M1A, that'd be a different matter entirely.
I'm also NOT a fan of three-point OMG Ninja slings on real rifles. That "WWI" sling attachment point system works just fine for me, though I usually carry my M1A muzzle-down on my "weak" side.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Can't put an ACOG on an M1A, and that's why I have the EOTech. Sure you CAN put something with precious little eye relief on one, but the scope mounts above the receiver are less than ideal.

Boat Guy said...

If you're bound-and-determined to put an optical sight on your M1A you might wish to look into some of the EBR/EMR mods the services have been doing.
But hey, it's your rifle...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

No I am not bound and determined to get an optical sight. I have an optical sight, present tense. That's why I said "Now that I have an EOTech on my rifle"

JB Miller said...

I could ring a gong every time, with that rifle, at 250 yards, with the iron sights.

With that rifle EOTech I bet you could ring it at 600 easy.

With that config, if you can see a man sized target, you could hit it.

dehakal said...

I actually won on of these stocks in a raffle last year. Mounted my Polytech M-14s in it. Fitting just involves filing down some material until the trigger group locks down. I had to take off a little over 1/16th of an inch.
Overall quality appears quiet good. The adjustment dials for LOP and the cheek rest are very positive. Grip angle and hand swell on the pistol grip fit my hand very well.
The stock in fully compressed form added around 2 inches to the overall length of my M14 but the ergonomics are much better for me than the standard Wood stock.
With the Archangle stock my groups from standing or sitting where reduced by nearly 50%.

So far I like it.

Anonymous said...

Im by no means an expert but i have been looking for a stock for my springfield loaded M1A and what ive found is...The major difference between the archangle and other more expensive tactical stocks Is the aluminum chassis. Stocks like the sage and Troy are both made of solid billet aluminum and are machined to fit your recever which eliminates the need for bedding, and they free float the barrels. Ones like the JAE-100, which is the style the archangle is trying to copy have an aluminum frame under the composite. The archangle is just a composite stock. So u get the looks and the extras of a tactical stock but I'm not sure if your not sacrificing the best reasons to buy a tactical stock. Such as the elimation of expensive bedding that you have to redo every so often, and a true free float barrel. Both are major critical factors to accuracy. So really its cheaper cause it's only making it look cool not shoot better, now that not to say it won't help u shoot better just not giving your rifle any true advantages over a stock version besides looks and mounting options.