Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I was never

I was never going to vote FOR Romney. 

Things that make me more likely to vote AGAINST him?

Tapping collective rights judicial poobah Robert Bork.

Cozying up to Mayor Bloomberg.  (Oooo, HE'D make a good Veep pick!)

Not supporting his foreign policy advisor Grenell because Team Jesus was upset that there was [SCANDAL!] a THE GAY advising Romney.  Shoulda got Dick Cheney to resign from VP 4-12 years ago because of the whole gay daughter thingy.

Sheesh Romney, it's like you are DARING me to vote for 0bama.  Get a grip, Hoss.

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Tim said...

I am tired of holding my nose when I vote. I didn't like Bush1, Dole, McCain, or Romney, I'm tired of it's my turn Republicans. I'm truly an independent now.
Bigus Macus