Thursday, June 28, 2012


It still amazes that total strangers, people I may never meet and may never even comment, direct their browsers to this site on a semi regular basis to read my typo laden logorrhea.

It makes me wish I was funnier and junk.  But... meh... these 'customers' are getting what they pay for and I am paid for my troubles in similar proportions.

It does kind of make that itch came back I had in NaNoWriMo where I wrote 20,000 words of a zombie novel set in 1930s DC with a Sam Spade-esque private Dick...  If I can drum up the gumption and double the words and it was some semblence of any good... I'd consider doing the Kindle-thing and charging maybe $1.99.  The same as a single bottle of beer from one of the fancier microbreweries.


Anonymous said...

Do it. I will buy it. Day One.

That Guy said...

I'd buy it.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm not releasing it if it is dreck. IF I manage to finish it.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely buy that for my Kindle.

Thor said...

Seriously, 1930's era zombie novel? COOL!

I understand your desire to produce a quality product, if you would like a proof reader / editing help (if you get that far) let me know. Even if it is dreck and you choose not to release it, I would love to see how you approached the concept.

MSgt B said...

You're welcome.

(Agree. Finish the book.)