Saturday, June 2, 2012


I remember back in 2007 and 2008, the Liberal talking heads seemed to be itching for a recession.  Like they were fetishizing poverty and couldn't wait for 1930s style soup lines.  They were practically wishing bad times into existence.

I think they thought they couldn't lose.  Their guys would gain political power, they institute socialistic policies and they'd retain more and more power.  They were looking back to the 30s again and saw how FDR did just fine for 12 some years.

I think they also thought the business cycle would reverse the sour economy by now and they'd smell like a rose and take credit for it.  The problem with wishing for bad times is sometimes you get it and the good times don't come back conveniently and on schedule.  Especially with the anchor of those self same socialistic policies weighing you down.  Plus the current crop of politicos aren't as good as FDR in diversion and the public kinda has the benefit of seeing this movie before and are less gullible.

November is coming.

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