Monday, June 18, 2012

Rifle Range Report

So, I got the rifle range on Sunday with MBtGE.

Purpose:  First, to zero in the EOTech sight on the M1A.  Second, if possible, get a 25 yard lane and zero in the 10/22.  Third to have fun especially with MBtGE new .45s, the Glock 21 with a can and the JR Carbine I hadn't tried yet.

Let's go in reverse order.  The carbine is fun, if a bit gassy.  LOTS of fumes right in my face.  But it's set up for a righty and my face is on the wrong side.  I've noticed a distinct thunk to the cheek when shooting pistol caliber carbines.   It's a different feel than big rifles.  In a way, sharper.  Just thought that interesting.

The Glock 21 with suppressor is a HOOT!  It sound like the movies.  POCK!  POCK!  And for some reason I shoot a Glock better with the can.  Dunno why, the can obscures the sights a bit.  But it is giddy fun to shoot.  I want to try it somewhere where there are no other shooters and can see what it sounds like without hearing protection.

The range was crowded.  Fathers day, lots of father son teams.  So I had to settle for a 50 yard range and I didn't accomplish much with the 10/22.  It was shooting to the right and I pulled it back toward the center with my new sight adjustment tool on the techsights.   The .22 holes on the centerline were later shots.  The big holes are from the JR Carbine.

Finally, the M1A.  MBtGE was using the spotting scope specifically to get the new rig set to my satisfaction and was able to call my shoots in.  I had a dime to adjust the elevation and windage of the EOTech.  The shots were on center line but low, so I had to bring them up a full 3 rotations, maybe.  That was at the 50 yard target.  Then I switched to the 100 yard target and this is what I shot:

I am very happy with that.  I was off the reactive target on earlier shots and finished up with the close in stuff.  To say I am very pleased with a Pro Mag (!) stock and the red dot optic is an understatement.  So lets switch that to very, VERY pleased.  I recommend this to all my friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Now I want to take this gun for daytime hog abatement.  Maybe dusk or dawn.  That'd be fun and that accuracy is just fine.


JB Miller said...

It was a good day!

Mike W. said...

I can't remember the last time I was the words "pleased" and "promag" in the same sentence without a "not" preceeding the "pleased."