Wednesday, June 20, 2012


A Wegmans just opened up near enough to me. 

Almost perfect.

It's only been a week and the crowds are horrendous.  That's ok, they will thin out.

Now I can get some REAL Rib Eye steak and pay through the nose for the privilege.  This is a good thing.

Only one bad thing about it.  The potato chip aisle.  Sheesh.  Nothing but bland Utz and Frito Lay products in the offing, essentially.  Pitiful!  Even Wise would be an improvement.  Middleswarth would be ideal.  But for that chip aisle I might as well go to Rodmans

I give the store 7.5 stars out of 10.  It would be 9.5 if they had fixed that chip problem.  I might go back.


Maura said...

You are better of at the Harris Teeter in Maple Lawn anyway. Better store, never crowded, good prices, awesome meat.

Laura said...

while Wegman's and Harris Teeter's meat counters are comparable, Wegman's has the upper hand in seafood by a steep margin.

Turk Turon said...

The Wegman's in Ashburn, VA has delicious carry out. Their vegetarian selection is wonderful. It almost converted me.

Laura said...

OH, and Wegman's in-store sushi counter edges out HT's quite easily...but i might be biased after our store had a bunch of sushi chefs come over from Japan with some crazy-looking fish in tow. :)

Stretch said...

Just returned from the Sterling Wegman's. They have chips in 2 locations. Regular chips near the sodas and more exotic ones near the specialty tea aisle.
Check out their Root Beer selection. Sometimes as many as 5.

Ruth said...

Yah, they may have chips in weird spots, though my local Wegmans has a very nice chips isle, so maybe its just the newness? Pass on your requests, they might get heard.