Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stopped by

Finally stopped by the gunshop that opened near work.  2A Sales and Supplies.

I notice two things when I walk in.  One, it is teeny weeny.  Two, Tom is working there.

Tom is a gun salesman that used to work at the gun store by my house.  Small world. 

Once, Tom was talking about this guy that had tried to rob a gunstore.  The perp had written the instruction on 'emptying the register, be quiet, no one gets hurt' on a piece of paper and slipped it to the clerk.  Silly criminal.  While he was telling the story I grabbed pen and paper.  When he was done I handed Tom a folded note.  It read:  'sell me something.'  He was tickled.

But seriously, the shop is the size of a large executive office.  And that's it.  If a dozen people showed up at once some would have to go wait in the parking lot.  Still a decent number of guns for sale.  2 SCARs, for instance.  Also this is the first gunstore I've been in with a used progressive reloading turret for sale.  I've never seen a single progressive reloading press at a gunstore and this store had 2. 

LOTS of Hornady zombie ammo there. If you need zombie ammo.

They offer a discount for out of state FFL transfers if on the MD Shooters forum. I'm on MD Shooters, but I wonder if this blog post will help as well?  Anyway, my local store's transfer fee has gone up, so this policy, here at 2A, might get me to surf gunbroker again. 

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DirtCrashr said...

Sounds a bit similar to the shop that re-Opened near me, a small and skinny storefront run by Greg - the not-dumb brother. They're hooked up with Davidson's and can run as fast and cheap as the big boys.