Friday, June 29, 2012


Read the comments in the Firearm Blog Post about a German Polizei using a revolver in a SWAT type house invasion.

People sure get their knickers in a twist when a professional uses a revolver in a professional situation.  Police, soldier, or what have you.  I mean they seem almost angry.  Like the person using a revolver for work came up to them after hours and kicked their dog and told them their spouse was ugly.

Folks seem to take it personal.  Like it's an affront to their very existence.

I don't think these scoffers at revolvers are too concerned when someone has a wheelgun as a Back-Up Gun.  Heck, lots of them do, I'd bet.  But as a primary pistol?  They go to full outrage at the thought.

And I don't know why.  Sure sure, I know their reasons.  Magazine capacity being the big one.  Not doing any task recognizably better than an auto is another, including reliability.  But revolvers are no less effective on the business end shot for shot.  There are still some things.

When a solo cop panics and 'mag' dumps with a revolver, at least he only dumps 6 or so.  In a non-mag-dumping-panic gun fights are most often 2 or 3 shots, max.  In that SWAT situation...  If that stack of well armed cops gets into a hairy gunfight when they are surprised by multiple bad guys and the only thing that saves them is how fast that revolver wielder can reload and get to shot 7, 8, 9, etc...  then they have other problems.


Paladin said...

"The Europeans have guns that fire many times promiscuously and rend the Earth. There is no honor in this - nothing is decided from this." - Mulay Ahmed Muhamed Raisuli the Magnificent, sherif of the Riffian Berbers - The Wind and the Lion

That's one of my favorite quotes from the movie. I hear it in my head every time I read a news story about 10 police officers firing 80+ rounds at a suspect in a firefight and then being able to walk the perp to the car in handcuffs afterward.

Tam said...

"When a solo cop panics and mag dumps, at least he only dumps 6 or so. In a non-mag-dumping-panic gun fights are most often 2 or 3 shots, max."

[citation needed]

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Sorry Tam. Shoulda been more clear. I've altered to post to hopefully do better this time.