Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poor Judgement

That guy in Texas that got in trouble and is going to prison?  You know, he recorded the scene.  I'm picturing his thought process:

I gotta right.

Ima stand up for my rights even tho them people over there would rather I didn't and might do something to violate my rights.  You know, to prove a point.  And isn't this exciting

BUT I also want to stand up for my right with impunity so I will record the coming confrontation and make back-alley-lawyer noises while doing so.  This will, I figure, insulate me from any negative consequences, and no this isn't aforethought.  Wait, what is aforethought?

Yeah, that whole thing sounded fishy from the word go and smacks of eliciting trouble.  Even if wholly in the right... eliciting trouble to prove a point is probably not the first arrow in your quiver you should grab.  Sure, sometimes... But not this time. Well, whatever the situation in reality he now has a lot of time to think about it.

A bear doesn't belong in my house.  That bear is in the wrong.  But is it the best idea to smack it in the butt with a banjo?  Are drunk testosterone addled partygoers the best folks to finely slice the envelope of your rights among?

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