Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Marylander

That was adversely impacted by Governor (and your future president or vice president) Martin O'Malley's gun control laws.

The response against the State House's gun control last year was unprecedented and overwhelming and ultimately ineffective. 


Laura said...

the most common response i saw to this video last year: "OMG WHY ARE THEY EXPLOITING HER??!?"

and you know? she wanted to speak. she was angry. she might have had some help with writing her speech, and she might have had some coaching in her delivery, but i'm fairly sure everything she wrote down came directly from her head. and i respect her for it. i wouldn't have had the balls to stand up in front of such an imposing crowd at her age. hell, i was reconsidering my testimony up until the point where i knew there was no chance of actually giving it, and i'm twice her age.

Mike W. said...

The whole "she's just being used by the pro-gun crowd" thing really irked me. It's almost as if the anti's just assume she was unable to think for herself.

It was one of the most moving speeches I've heard in a long time. Good for her, I hope she keeps up the fight.