Sunday, January 19, 2014

Star Streak Zombie Apoc Vehicle

This would make a stylin' Zombie Apoc vehicle with very little modification.

That's a 71 Olds Toronado under all that.   It was custom built by an Air Force officer so I am sure he was thinking about the utility against zombies when he made it.  The windows are bullet resistant glass.  Sleeps 2, onboard water storage, and low enough to be garaged.


Wilson said...

Too cool!

Kristophr said...

So, this would be a Class V Toronado?

Chris said...

Front wheel drive, Nixon-style!

Will said...

The major drawback to using the GM Olds/Cad front-wheel-drive system in a motorhome is lack of weight on the drive wheels. My father had several of them. He complained about getting stuck on level gravel roads! GMC made their own version for a few years, but Dad said Revcon was better. The Revcon builders were aircraft people, IIRC.

I've spun the wheels on wet roads with the small 350 cu in motor. I think the big motor was better because it weighed more. Also, the shorter the wheelbase, the better for traction with that setup.

Definitely not an offroad capable vehicle with FWD.

Wyowanderer said...

Cool and hideous at the same time. Especially the Toronado drive.