Thursday, January 30, 2014

Don't get complacent

Until this week I was under the impression that the HS of Federal Premium HST stood for Hydra Shok (well it still might) and is very different from the ammo called Federal Premium Hydra Shok.  Two different generation of self defense ammo.  While the older one isn't shabby...  Technology has advanced since.  And not gimmicky advances neither.

I was too complacent about what I knew that just wasn't true.

But this thread  and subsequent discussion sparked the information upgrade in my wetware.

CCW isn't Rocket Surgery, but you still gotta pay attention to what's happening.  The 'New' in New Jovian Thunderbolt still applies.  Or N00b.

Hydra Shok:


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michigan doug said...

good artical in the jan 2014 American Rifleman.they touch on the hydrashok and go in depth on the HST.I don't have a scanner or i'd send it to you.Should'nt be too hard to find.