Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Still Tracking Them Metrocons!

Over at National Review.

This is from Brendan Foht.  Commenting on people from the Metrocon Fortnightly commenting on guns.

It's about how the Leftists like to declare conservatives crazy, and ergo we need policies (like gun bans) to stop those dangerous wackos.  A fallacy, as we well know, and Mr. Foht gives the idea its usual deserved evisceration.

"But beyond the silliness of the appeal to neuroscience, the attempt to psychologize political debates has a troubling tendency to reduce important components of arguments to merely emotional drives that cannot be subject to rational discussion."
 Seems the Leftist, Phillips, in question likes minimize the emotional appeals from conservatives while simultaneously validating the emotional appeal of his side.  Another way to concede the Left doesn't have the rational arguments going in their favor...  He's fishing in new holes to see if he gets a nibble, and to draw the pro civil rights side onto a battlefield of the gun banners choosing.  And the metrocons are onto him.

Foht notes that while Phillips is talking gun control, his psychobabble extends to people that also value other Constitutionally guaranteed rights.  Foht is inside his OODA loop.

Their side is losing the debate and losing on gun policy, even if our momentum is glacially slow. 

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