Friday, January 31, 2014


Here is an interesting bit.  Let's say Maryland is forced to start issuing 'shall issue' CCW this year and I would then go ahead and get the permit.  Then I could stop this nonsense of getting non-resident permits, right?  No.  None of the surrounding states that currently trust me to carry a pistol in a holster inside my waistband will recognize my right with just the Maryland license, currently.  Heh.  Good.  Thumb in your eye, Maryland.  Civil rights denying ninnies.  (I would get Michigan, oddly.)

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abnormalist said...

Michigans deal is they dont honor other states non resident permits, but they honor almost any states resident permits.

Basically they arent cool with the get a utah permit cause your state wont issue one thing.

That said MI is a shall issue state, and they no harder than any other shall issue to get one generally.