Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Zombies of Johnny Sakko

I did a little send up to a kids show of the 1970s.  One episode is of note.  The Terrifying Space Mummy.

Here is the villain:

Horrifically violent.  His first dastardly deed is to take that jar of red poison you see and drop it into the water supply of a boarding school.  Killing the children, and disfiguring them with a gray bumpy growth all over their skin.  Nuns fall victim, too.  NUNS.  They called these 'mummies' but you and I know what they really are.  Zombies.  The bad guy's intent is to dump hundreds of gallons into the reservoir for Tokyo.

Oh sure, it looked like bad Boris Karloff make up, and the hero giant robut does have an Egyptian style head piece.

Children wield guns.  The villain dies by falling from a bell tower and is dismember on impact.  Yeesh.  When he dies, the victims do, at least, come back to life.  Some how. At least everything ended up alright in the end.

Here is the episode ifn you wanna watch.  I had nightmares as a kid about giant monsters from this show and Ultraman,  never about poisoned tap water, at least.

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