Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not Shooting Enough

I didn't even realize I forgot to renew my range membership two months ago.  I have been shooting, just not there.  And not enough. 

It's a whole different range experience now compared to 6 years ago when I started out.  I am thinking about different things.  Some things I still need to consciously work on, like finger placement when I start shifting off, or to slow down and pull back the trigger ever so smoothly. Other things fall into place.  I care less about a perfect stance, as long as it isn't a bad stance.  My grip only concerns me when I isn't automatically right.  I consistently hold the pistol on the same place. 

I jump less, I guess.  Though it's been months since I've been in a crowded indoor range.

I guess I am also getting lethargic of the whole 'gun' thing.  There is less novelty to the subject.  And I have hashed out my thought process on my personal development an infinitum here.   I am getting blase enough about it that I sometimes forget the model numbers of guns I own and have to think about it for a moment.  Sig 226 or 229 or...?  The revolvers are stainless Smiths, so they are all 6 sumthin... but sumthin what?  I only have 3 and handled 4 of them (the ex-gf and MBtGE had the .44).  Is the Pocket hammerless 1903/07 or 1903/08?  Hmph.

It's this state I think.  I never thought I'd leave it, but I'd pick up and move to WV after retirement I am sure, now.  West Virginia is like Maryland, just without the Bay and flatlands.  And a different political climate.  


Wilson said...

I’m in the same boat. I didn’t go shooting nearly enough in ’13. I resolve to do better this year.

Robert Fowler said...

I need to renew my range membership. I didn't get there nearly enough last year.