Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reciprocity Maps

Here is the map from here, showing where I can tote with both VA and UT non-resident permits.

And here is with JUST Utah:

 And JUST Virginia:

I don't gain much getting the Virginia CHP.  Just gain New Mexico but lose Washington and Minnesota and Pennsylvania, I think?  The big surprise is not getting Florida or South Carolina with any combination.  I always check when I am looking to travel someplace, but I haven't driven more than 2 states away in some time, (and don't intend to), so I would have known about SC and FL before crossing their borders, but the facts messes with my assumptions, regardless. 

And if you do the same map with resident permits from VA and UT you get a slightly different picture.  Michigan is fine with you, for instance.  And Florida.

The tricky business for me?  Travelling in Pennsylvania.  A policeman might get justifiably steamed if I showed him a VA permit (assuming it comes) until and when I produce a UT permit. 


West, By God said...

SC was always an odd bird (for a southern state, anyway.) We just got SC reciprocity in FL a few years ago when they updated their laws.

Good news about SC, you may (by explicit statute) keep your loaded handgun in your glovebox. So before FL got reciprocity, any time I was driving north, I would transfer my holstered handgun from my hip to my glovebox before crossing the border.

MrApple said...

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