Monday, January 27, 2014

This again...

Journalists thinking that maybe it might be a good idea to compile and publish a list of all gun owners or CCW permit holders or what not.  Silly leftists.

It's not just YOU that can play that game.  How would you feel if your personal details, name, address, were known and then labelled "Hates the Constitution and Guns"?  That might cause you some consternation.  Of course you'd be much safer than we, as CCW people are law abiding by nature and less likely to bother you.  But YOUR list is a shopping list for burglars to come to our houses when we are at work and then steal our spare pistol.   

Would you post the names and addresses of all the police officers in your jurisdiction, Civitas Media?  If not, why not?

Would you post the names and addresses of battered spouses that are fleeing their batterer who persists on trying to track them down?  If not, why not?

Would you post the names and addresses of everyone that got a marriage license where both parties are the same gender?  If not, why not?

Are you thinking publishing are vital info is a matter of public safety?  Do you really think CCW holders near you are a majority of the gun owning households near you?

You employ 1400 people Civitas Media.  There are certainly some CCW holders in that group.  You ever consider that? 
We are CCW holders.  We aren't felons.  You complain about privacy issues then contemplate doing this?

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