Friday, January 3, 2014

Single Stack

I wanted gun makers to come out with more single stack options, and they are obliging me.

Springfield has that XDS, which I think even made the cut on Maryland's 'permissble' list already.  Kahr has always had options.

And now an intriguing offering from Remington, a redo/update of their model 51 from 85 years ago, updated for the 21st Century.  (Even Tam is kinda diggin it...)

I'm prolly not going to buy a 9mm.  Not because it's good or bad, but because I already have a .40, so I'll stick to the upcoming .40 to keep ammo management simplified.  But Remington looks to be coming out with a .40 version anyway.

(If anything I should sell off my current .40s, sell off all my .380s, and then go to 9mm.  THAT's certainly simpler.  Or, better yet, stick to .45 and .38 and not even go down the 9mm road.  Simpler again.)

Back to the R-51.  Neat!  I like where they are going with this model, with safeties and trigger type, and at sub $400, you can't beat the price.  As usual, I'd have to try it before I bought it.  But it's pretty neat...

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