Thursday, May 17, 2018

Agenda Inject

A good enough article.  I have some quibbles.

About the assassin that shot GOP legislators last year with an SKS.

"At around 7:06 a.m., a man in a blue T-shirt approached the field and fired 62 7.62x39mm rounds through a lawfully purchased Century International Arms SKS-style semiautomatic assault rifle."

Why you gotta inject that term?  It's wrong.

Now if you had said "assault weapons"....   STILL WRONG.  You lefty publications most always get it wrong, and when 'right' it is just promoting a made up, Sugarman, lefty term.  A definition not universally accepted.

Just say rifle. A crap old Combloc rifle not nearly as good as a Garand. 

Well, learn the difference.  Or ask someone that really knows to fact check your terms.

There's an idea!  Publications could employ a person called a 'fact checker' or summat.  I've invented a new term!  Dibs!  Copyright!

It's a decent article otherwise and worth the read.

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Jonathan H said...

Note that they called it 'sks style'; they appear to not know that it IS an sks and that civilians can own a full military weapon; they assume it is like an AK or M-16 that civilians copy.