Thursday, May 31, 2018

With guns...

... the picture in my head, partly placed their by Marketing, often doesn't match up with the facts on the ground.

In my head: "The Taurus Curve?  Hmmm, I can see the utility of such an easily concealable or backup gun.  This fills an important niche.  Where is that credit card?"

In reality: "I may have made a mistake."

We all do it.  Especially when new to this gonne stuff.  But even seasoned gunnies that actually do know their way around stuff can fall for it.

What good is an M3 Greasegun?  There are better subguns, but subguns don't have a lotta utility.  Yet I have a case of the WANTS something bad.  Resisting.  The price tag helps.

also:  I didn't get a Curve.  Other examples:  AMT Backup.  Anything in .25ACP.  The Taurus Judge.  The Chiappe Rhino.  The Chiappa Medusa.  The Boberg 9.

I HOPE not the Hudson H9. 


Will said...

.25acp is a reliable .22LR in the same size package. Forget typical .22 performance numbers, they are always for much longer barrels. You have to be comparing the same size length. It's a centerfire cartridge in a pocket pistol.

"AMT Backup." Which one? The "good" one was the single action .380acp pocket pistol, in all stainless steel. Grip safety. Heavy gun. The stainless was a bit soft, though. Internal hammer. With a throat/port/polish they will reliably feed hollowpoints. Blowback? Recoil was stout. (Lightweight Mustang was a pussycat in comparison, and half the weight)

Jeffersonian said...

I had an AMT .45 DAO a couple years back. After a few range sessions the fear of pulling the trigger was much greater than the fear of getting shot. I had to let it go.