Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Gov

I mean it is a little disappointing.

Yes it is an election year.

I guess he thinks being a little go along with anti-gun laws is fine in this state to secure the crossover Dem votes he critically needs to win re-election.

He's very popular in the state.  Even with Democrats.

So the strategy of vetoing the bills and letting the legislature override the veto (and they had the votes for that) means he is popular with me, but it might tick down his stock with the voters he needs to win.

The anti-gun stuff becomes law either way.

But HE may get four more years.

So why fall on his sword on principle and lose?

He might be anti-gun, too.  Ever think of that.

I won't be voting for his opponent.

But I may not vote for him either, now. 


Added:  The ACLU isn't too excited about what he signed...

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