Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Amend the Constitution

To save lives?

Get with the program, Progs.  Your precious CDC confirmed that 2,700,000 defensive gun uses occur every year.   They figured this out 20 years ago.  And kept it secret.

Ok, I'll let the secret bit pass.  The Dickey amendment said the CDC couldn't advocate for gun control.  That wasn't their mandate.  I can see see them not being allowed to advocate for the opposite.

But 2,700,000 is more than the number of deaths from firearms and injuries from firearms combines.  Intentional, self-inflicted, AND accidental.  Repeal the Second and the point is to prevent people from having a firearm, correct?  Think of the carnage if the that 2.7 million number is forced down by gummint mandate!

Save 10,000, leave 2,700,000 people out to twist in the wind.  

Advocating for such slaughter is beyond the pale, Nurses.  If you were doctors you'd be violating the Hippocratic Oath.  "First, do no harm..."

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