Monday, May 14, 2018

That's Not Training!

"A simulator?  No live ammo?  That's not training.  There is no recoil control, it's a totally different experience than live fire.  Might as well be playing a video game."

Yes, there are disadvantages to a simulator heavy training regime.  But you overlook the distinct advantages.

Ammunition costs are zero. 

It's an actual Glock we use in there.  The trigger is the same as real Glock because it is a real Glock. 

It's much easier to see the tiny barrel movements just before trigger break if those movements aren't interrupted by the violent recoil of a shot.

And, maybe most importantly, anyone in the room can HEAR your trigger pull.  Something you'd never hear in a live fire situation.  And it isn't hard to hear every damn flaw in my stupid trigger work, dangit.  Especially when it falls apart under time pressure. 

So, it is training.  Not perfect, but an excellent adjunct to the real thing.  And I am glad I do it. 

Spent this last session hitting simulated targets on the 100 yard line.  The 'plate' is the size of the front dot.

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