Friday, May 11, 2018

Plodding Right Along

So, work has been hectic of late, with longer hours and less time to skylark and think about bloggy blog topics.

Been dwelling on financials.  I do a halfway decent job socking money away.  The 401k situation at work isn't the best I've seen, but there is something matched at least.  And I've maxed out contributions.  I keep a spreadsheet to track how I am doing and update it yearly, so I sort of know all sources and totals better than most.  It's more than 5 times my salary before age 50.  It still doesn't seem like nearly enough. 

At least I have gotten to the point where a the thought of needing to buy a new furnace and a get new car the same week doesn't fill me with existential panic. 

Doesn't matter.  Work stress and exposure to less job security with the company of late would concern me regardless. 

Gun content... Sell one?  Nothing worth much that is also surplus to requirements.  I'm lucky I don't NEED to. 

What else?  Folks at work talking about Democrat controlled cities are driving up violent crime numbers.  And without my prompting and by folks not SUPER dyed in the wool conservative wonks.  A few leftist try to rationalize it but their heart isn't it and their arguments are weak.  When you are this close to Baltimore it is harder to poo-poo crime rates.  That city hit's it's 100th murder milestone for 2018 this week.  PLUS some poor sod got cut in two by the commuter choo-choo, too.  Gruesome. 

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Rich P said...

You might want to learn about the Roth IRA. Money goes in after taxes, must be earned income earned in that year. After a 5 year lock in, contributions and gains come out tax free. Money from another qualified plan can be rolled over to the Roth. The magic word here is "rollover".