Thursday, May 10, 2018

Range 8 May 2018

56 rounds fired.  50 of them Magtech, 6 of them Federal Hyrda Shoks I am burning through as plinker ammo.

Round 41 of the session, 1277 since the gun was rebuilt, 285 rounds since the gun was cleaned and lubed, the round was stripped but didn't quite go fully into battery.  It was a Hydra Shok, too.  They seem to be slightly bigger than the FMJ stuff.  A bit more resistant and tighter when loading into the magazines.

And I still don't quite have my epiphany mojo back.  But I think the secret is MOAR WOBBLE. 

My shots aren't centered.  They got centered a few weeks back for a few sessions when I purposely tried to wobble the pistol. 

I think since then I've tightened the wobble too much.  I loosened it up, covering the WHOLE head, ear to ear, and was reward with that hole in the yellow on the next shot.  Ah HA. 

Now I need to go back and do that again, ALL at 8 yards, not split 8 and 25.  I was tired, that was the end of the session, but damn that is unsat, the body hits at 25. 

Yes, go back and do MOAR Wobble.  Try to relax.  I was decent for a whole month.  I can be again.

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