Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Another once friendly gun purveyor poops on us and our civil rights. 

Vista Outdoor.

I don't WANT to have to boycott:

Savage Arms
Stevens Arms  
Hoppe’s gun cleaning/lubricant
Blazer Ammunition Federal Premium Ammunition and American Eagle CCI Ammunition and components
Speer Ammunition and components
Independence Ammunition
Force On Force Training Ammunition

I only list those among many other because those I have a chance of being in a constant market for.  Especially the highlighted.  I've been disappoint in quality control from other ammo companies lately.

I wasn't going to buy another Blackhawk! holster at any rate, so no loss there.

But I'll see what I can do.  Truth is I might have enough Hoppes to last me.  


ht Curt


.45ACP+P said...

Have not found a link to what you are saying about them. Could you provide one?

Matt W said...

Let's slow down a little. I think this is a BS article from ABC News.

They are looking for buyers for a ton of non-Firearms related brands as well and keeping their ammo business as well as their Hunting & Shooting accessories businesses.

This does not sound at all like they are caving - in fact the article only mentions that REI dropped Vista brands awhile back - one premium/specialty retailer.

From the actual press release:
"The company plans to explore strategic options for assets that fall outside of these product categories, including its remaining Sports Protection brands (e.g. Bell, Giro, and Blackburn), Jimmy Styks paddle boards, and Savage and Stevens firearms. Vista Outdoor expects that the execution of this process will significantly reduce the company's leverage, improve financial flexibility and the efficiency of its capital structure, and provide additional resources to reinvest in core product categories, both organically and through acquisition."

Matt W said...

@.45ACP+P, here is the ABC News Article:

Here is the actual press release from Vista: