Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Welcome to the Party Pal

"Yes, they DO want to take your guns"

Well, yes.  Us enthusiast have been sounding that alarm for a while.

Now?  They are overtly calling for it, and widely.

Also.  People are reporting this call for a gun ban and 2nd Amendment repeal, so un-enthusiast gun owners know about this and can no longer be fooled by gaslighting Progs that say "No one is coming for your guns, silly."  REGULAR voters now know that is a lie.

All the cards are on the table.

Actually, this is a good thing.   I don't think non-gunnies are on board with a ban of any kind.  Now they know a ban of one class leads to a ban of a next class, naturally.  The gun banners are making an error.


But you know how we have mall ninjas?  Embarrassing gun enthusiasts that are all mouth?  What do you call the thing on the other side of the divide that want to make my hands cold and dead so he can pry my gun away?  Beside 'hilarious.'

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