Monday, May 21, 2018

Whadaya mean

I didn't have a rough draft for today's post already. Crud.

Well, helping out Hatfield's with their 1911 re-build class.  This weekend was them filing down their slide rails to a round number that ends in zero.  Like .1180 inches.  Or .1150 inches.  Then, SMASH the frame rails with a hammer!  Peen them RIGHT down!  WHAM WHAM WHAM!  It's quite upsetting if you've never done it before.  You put a slide fitting bar in the rail gap so you can peen metal to a precise fit.  Say... .1180 inches?

Now, you rail has peened over metal sticking out where you can file it, but the vertical gap is the exact one to one fit in the frame and slide rails. 

This is the start of tight gun. 

And the pucker factor is about a 6?  Only because the pucker factor gets worse when you do the barrel lugs.  Next class maybe we'll start that.

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