Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Read this

It's hilarious.

This is Obedillah fellow is a piece of work.  Ignorant?  Propagandist?  Both?

Let's semi-fisk Mr. Okeechobee's little piece.

"sounds alarmingly like a man seeking to form an armed militia."

Well, he has been elected president of the NRA.  Sorta comes with the job.  The armed militia.  Like being elected Grand Poobah of Paul McCartney fan club.  Being the head of an org like that, I bet the members have a few Beatles albums they listen to.

"outrageous comments by North make it clear the NRA leadership is scared"

Not the feels I got from it...

"gun sales have plunged during Donald Trump's presidency"

Yes gun sales were down a bit after Trump won.  There was no Clinton threat of gun bans.  She lost.  Lovers of freedom could relax a bit.  Lil Shitler David Hogg changed all that.  Boosting sales back into record territory by pushing for gun bans.

"a recent CNN poll shows an increasing number of Americans support common sense gun control"

Oh, your side ALWAYS says that, and it's always exaggerated and ephemeral and your hold onto such stats well past their sell-by dates

"North then invoked the Jim Crow era, when laws enforced racial segregation and blacks suffered horrific violence"

Yes, gun control is mostly the remnants of the last active Jim Crow laws.  No guns for black people.  I'm not the only person that's noticed this, don't take my word for it.   Before 1968, I'd say 90% of all gun control was racist.  After 1968 and the Gun Control Act it was prolly only 80% racist.  80% racist is still pretty bad.   

You could get CCWs before the 1980s.  You had to apply in person with the sheriff is many districts.  So he could see you.  See what you looked like.  I wonder what a lotta them sheriffs were looking for that way? 

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Paul said...

"Common sense gun control"... is a liberal dog whistle meaning gun confiscation.