Sunday, July 8, 2018

A thing I have noticed

If you get 10 semi-knowledgeable gunnies in a room and ask them an esoteric question on guns and the justification for their answer...

"Like, what's the best all round front sight style on a pistol and why?"
"Arched or straight mainspring housing and what texture on that 'backstrap', why?" 
"Lollipop hold or aligned with the dot or top of sight splits the X and why?" will get 12 different answers.  And 43 of those 12 answers will be WRONG.  Wrong wrong wrong!

Or it will seem that way.

And please don't ask the "1911 or Glock or SAA?" question.  Please.


McChuck said...

Almond Joy / Mounds?

Milk chocolate / dark chocolate?

Whiskey / bourbon?

Brad_in_IL said...

Whiskey / Bourbon .. the correct answer is Yes, please. Neat.

Ratus said...

It's more like CZ or Schofield?

ASM826 said...

I don't hold strong opinions about much of this stuff, but a 1911 deserves a straight mainspring housing.

Everyone is welcome to a different opinion, I don't mind you being wrong.

Jerry The Geek said...

Actually (not that it matters to anyone) ... i prefer an 'arched' MS Housing.

I have big hands, and the arched housing allows me a better, more consistent grip on the 1911.

In fact, I need an arched mainspring housing with heavy cross-checking the prevent losing my best grip between shots during competition.

I guess it depends upon the individual; with a double-stack pistol, I get enough surface that the pistol doesn't twist between shots. Someone with smaller hands may not need it.

But in the heat of competition, it's essential to maintain the same grip between shot, especially when engaging multiple targets in the same 'array' ... which doesn't allow you time to re-engage the comfortable grip between target engagements.

You have to do what you have to do; and ... yes ... there is no "right" or "Wrong" here. With experience, you discover that sweaty hands will allow you to lose your best grip in a high-round-count stage, and you take whatever solution which works best for you.

ASM826 said...


I like your reasoning. The reason I like the flat one is that when I draw it, I have a full wrapped grip and it comes up point of aim, so both of us are basing our choice on outcomes. Good grip, sight picture, and accuracy.