Thursday, July 5, 2018

Well, this is nice

Women from every state of the Union descend on Washington.

Hadn't heard about this.  Well until now.  If David Hogg or Shannon Watts was doing this I think they'd get more amplification the week prior to this all happening thanks to a sympathetic mainstream press.  And I'd have heard about from them.

It is difficult to struggle against the advantages the other side has.  Our one big advantage is we are fighting to retain a civil right.  And the other side's reaction is going after other civil rights to get to this one.

Fortunately, also, this happened BEFORE this week. This week all the lawmakers are home for vacation. 

We in the gun community have a reputation of being old and white and male.  Somewhat deserved.  But we aren't ALL Old and White and Male.  Thank goodness.  And we become less so over time.  Which I like.  And is good for the movement. 

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