Saturday, July 21, 2018

If I was the cynical sort...

Ted Nugent bans carrying firearms at his concert in Roanoke.

Something tells me this is BS.  Ted's an ass, generally, but not this kind of ass.  He is a mixed bag as an ally to the generic 'Second Amendment Movement.'  Ardent supporter, kookoo bananas.  A bit embarrassing.  To me, he always seems to be on the cusp of uttering a racial slur.  Totally out of context to the subject at hand, I mean.  He could be talking about paper towel brands and boom!  Racial slur. 

But like I said, I don't think he himself was on board with this CCW ban, if reports are true.  Which I doubt.

Despite being a bit of an overall embarrassment to the NRA, there is no way he is getting ousted from the NRA board.   He is too famous and keeps getting voted on.  Unless.  Unless this story, true or not, has legs.

A cynical person or persons would insist the story is 'true' and ride it to defenestrate the Nuge.  And I have mixed feeling if this is indeed the future for him.


added later:
Ted calls em liars.  I figured he was being lied about, but it's an easy wager to bet that the truth is unfamliar to the media types.

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JC said...

Looks like the venue had the problem, not Ted. Can't say that I like the white-man-hater lower lip-beard thing (He says, stroking his luxuriant Santa-Claus-like beard)(Often mistaken for 'that duck guy' at Walmart. No, I'm Billie Gibbons. Who Dat? SMH)