Saturday, July 7, 2018

Thing I learned

New thing I learned.  In gun skool.  That I didn't know before. 

If you have something stuck together with red loctite, how long do you have to torch it before the loctite will give way?

The smoke point of oil.

If residual oil is smoking on your glued together part, go ahead and try it with the screwdriver.  It should break free ok now.  Now I will be less likely to overheat and area on the rare times I need to unattach two things.  I was prone to overheat before. 

"What about if someone soldered the whole thing together, T-Bolt?"

Hooboy.  WHY would they DO that?  Sociopaths.  Glowing red hot? 


Rich P said...

Glowing red hot would be a little much. Silver, or hard solder, melts around 840 F and "very dark red" heat is listed at 1010 to 1210 F. Interesting dichotomy, trying to get some things to stick, and other things to unstick.

Will said...

I was at gunschool some years ago, when a fellow student had a problem with a wandering tritium capsule in one of the sights on his 1911. Said it had come loose after gluing a couple times already, and he was afraid it would get lost. He asked me to Red Loctite it. That sucker isn't coming out in one piece again! I would have preferred something less permanent, but he insisted.