Friday, July 6, 2018

Prog Wisdom

This guy ^ thinks it's ok to assault kids wearing MAGA hats and minding their own bidness.  But that's not what I am commenting

I read that and was struck.  You know what I just then realized...

Have you noticed that Islamic Terrorist activity, domestically and internationally...  Does it seem to have slackened off recently to you?  Like it is off the radar completely.  It's the dog that didn't bark in the nighttime.

If Trump is some sort of Hitler-simulacrum, but with Muslims, you'd think that like Hitler he'd be highlighting terrist attacks.  Railing against every outrage.  Even making up or manufacturing some to inflate the numbers.  You just gotta get the FBI to get some Muslim guy all exercised, then sell him fake C4, arrest him, and say "lookit the terror attack we thwarted."

(Oh wait.  The FBI doesn't seem to see eye to eye with the president lately.  He'd have to hunt up another vector for fake terrists.  It's doable.  Gin up some false positives.)

Still doesn't explain the near absense of attacks in the west.  Oh sure, there are some.  Just less. Quiet.

Or am I off base?  Does it feel this way to you?

If so, I'm not creditting Trump, mind you.  Or even Mattis.  But.  It sure queers the Nazi-agin-Muslim narrative of the violent Democrats beating on Trump supporters.



Old 1811 said...

"The FBI doesn't seem to see eye-to-eye . . ." I don't think that's true.
If you'll notice, all the shady "investigations" in the news today were handled by the same handful of people, all of whom were high-level officials, not street agents. High-level officials don't carry caseloads and don't conduct investigations, so this was an egregious violation of all the normal procedures. It's almost like they didn't trust the street agents to handle it the way they wanted it handled.
A retired Fed (not FBI, and no friend of the FBI) recently said to me, "Wray is saying they need to educate all 30,000 employees, but that's not true. They only need to educate the top two floors at Headquarters." I think he's right.

gun papa said...

How do you start a blog? It looks fun.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You have a blogger profile since 2012. Log into that and post something. Easy Peasy.