Monday, July 2, 2018

H9 Hudson, what I like and can live with

Took it shooting on 28 JUN 2018.

Failure to Feed on #8 and #19 of 70 total.  Round had that 'nose up' presentation.  Like the back end got hung up and didn't go under the extractor.

Those first two magazine were loaded with 15 rounds.  No failure when I only loaded 10.

"Wait T-Bolt, how did you fire 15 rounds in a Maryland magazine."

Beats me...

First 30 rounds were 124 grain American Eagle, next 40 were 115 grain AE.  The gun came cleanout of the box and lubed a little bit, but I put some more on the rails the night before.

It shoots pretty much the same as when I shoot the .45.  The trigger... well it's different, but I am not noticing that as much.  What I do notice, with my sensitive lady-like skin, is the sharper edges compared to a 1911 trigger, or a S&W revolver.

I am such a wimp when it comes to skin abrasion.  Oh, I still shoot, but I am particular and would rather have greatest comfort. A SIG DAK trigger would actually give me a trigger finger blister.  Ruger revolvers have a sharp arris.  Glocks have that little tigger safety that abrades me.  Mostly on recoil, all these.  I notice something with the H9, but not nearly as bad as the other example.

I notice that discomfort more than I notice the difference between a striker fired pull and a premium single action.  Either way, the bullets go the same place.  Slightly flawed, but not like 4 years ago flawed.  Same flawed.  Me.  Not it.

I do like it though.  The way it shoots.

The point of the H9 is they lowered the slide as much as they could.  New problem, figuring out where to put the second thumb in a thumbs forward grip.  Again, not that big a deal, but something I noticed.

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