Tuesday, July 3, 2018

H9, what I didn't like.

The front sight is HUGE.  I might swap that out. The gun is so new, what parts do I need.  Well, front sight is easy.  It's just an M&P style. Plenty of after market for that.

The FTFs were from a LOT of extractor tension.  Too much.  An easy fix, normally, but I don't know how to detail strip this bad boy, and there is little info out there about it.  The "How to Assemble/Disassemble" book hasn't written that chapter yet.   Once it does, taking off half a link of a spring is easy peasy. 

I'd also like that to maybe address the recoil spring.  It's captured, and you need to take it all the way down to get to it.  What's wrong with it?  It doesn't line up with the guide rod hole in the slide, so putting the slide on without a Popsicle stick to guide it is problematic.  I'd like to see if I can adjust that. 

Have I found any hints on how do you detail strip it?  Sure.  You have to take the take down lever all the way out, somehow and get the pin that is where their optional thumb safety goes all the way out.  Then the fire control group rotates out.  But I don't want to go tapping at these pins without knowing if there are any pitfalls. 

Also, if I happen to break a part in use or ruin/lose it gunsmithing, know what to use for replacement parts will be trouble without forthcoming information from Hudson.  Hay, maybe they can teach me a class and I will become an authorized Hudson armorer...

So my issues are minor, unless the FTFs are persistent.  

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