Sunday, July 22, 2018

Range 19 July

Got a new front sight.  Got a new malf.  Stove pipe on #27 of the session.

Possible Cause-
Load too light for the recoil spring, recoil spring too heavy for load, extractor tension too light, worn extractor hook, loose or damaged ejector, loose grip when firing. 

Well it SURE isn't a light or worn extractor.  I did notice a wire edge on the extractor before this session and addressed that.  The wire 'fingernail' of the extractor claw was making all the contact with the inside diameter of the rim recess, while I want 'fingertip' to be grabbing under the lip of the rim.  That might fixed my FTF issue without dealing with the extractor spring.

I suspect my grip is the cause of the stovepipe.  My support hand thumb making contact with the slide, which is purposely low on this gun. 

I don't like my grip, otherwise.  It's different.  I need to adjust and NOT grip it the same as other pistols to get it in line with my elbow and arm bones.

My guess is my support hand thumb touched the slide.  The slide is low on these Hudson by design.

Also, I may have gotten a sight that is too tall.  .220.  As you can see, perhaps, by the movement of the groupingsm s'uthard.

That happens frequently enough.  The first shot of the session is PERFECT.  It can only go down from there.

I have no idea why that high one on target #3.  Was going fast for some reason on that one to see if I could.  I called some of the off target, low, stuff.  Flinch.  I am still getting used to making the trigger go good.

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Glenn B said...

Think of it this way: If you were shooting at a human target, some dirtbag who was trying to kill you, you would not want all of your shots to land where your first on landed. Why have all the shots in one hole. You would be better off with your sots just about how they appear on your paper targets. More holes, more trauma, more bleeding, etc. In other words, your targets exhibit perfect tactical shooting as far as I am concerned.

By the way, happy anniversary on your blog.

All the best,
Glenn B