Sunday, July 1, 2018

What do I have today?

Probably nuthin.

I was on Squirrel Report this week.  And I am assisting at gun skool all weekend.  Maybe more later?


Ooo, a comment about the Annapolis shooter.  Folks ask, "how did he buy a gun last year, with all these run ins with the police?"  I, too, have heard rumor he had multiple restraining orders?  Haven't confirmed that.  But that's a no-no in my state.  You can't get a gun, or have one you had from before.  Sposedly.

Yeah, the thing about gun control in my state.  No one enforces any of it.  Well, except the gun shops.  You see they have paperwork and don't want to get cross threaded with the authorities, so they do their level best to adhere to the laws as much as they can.  Which aren't very well written, by the way.  Otherwise... the law doesn't really get paid attention to.  They aren't really fast to go to prohibited folks home and get their guns out of there.  They don't report people quickly at cop shops to MAKE them be on the list of prohibited people.  The only time you catch a gun charge is if they can't get the stolen car charge or possessing dope charge to stick.

Gun control here goes after making it a hassle to buy a gun.  The laws are passed to inconvenience the law abiding.  The crazy stalker with a beef with the newspaper, that's not who the laws go against so much

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